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SoftTouch software can help any restaurant run more efficiently; regardless of size this Point of Sale Solution can be tailored to meet your needs. A user friendly highly customizable interface coupled with redundant on the fly backup and security features built to not only meet but exceed PAPB credit card standards makes this a system built for stability and reliability that can grow with any restaurant no matter how big. Here are some functions that make SoftTouch the software choice for many restaurants:

Menu Interface

The menu interface can be arranged in a variety of ways to meet different needs. With its bright color coded interface it not only makes the menu attractive but makes it very easy to learn and use.


On The Fly Backup

Built for just about anything SoftTouch comes equipped with a backup capability far superior to others on the market. Once an order has been sent it is instantly backed up in the event there is a problem with the server; just unplug the backup drive and any SoftTouch terminal can become a temporary server with all of the day’s sales and even current open tables in tact in a matter of minutes.



With identity theft on the rise there is a greater need for securing your customers information. With security groups, strong encryption, and customizable privileges you can control who has access to what part of the system and see what happened when.


Station Monitoring

Have Peace of mind with SoftTouch’s built in station monitoring. SoftTouch like other systems gives users the ability to check security logs like other point of sale systems however they did not stop there. VNC remote control is built in to the software so you could login from home or the back office of the restaurant and monitor live what is happening on each station.


Employee Management

SoftTouch once again takes another leap ahead of the curve with its comprehensive employee management functions you can control all your payroll, scheduling, and job assignments all from one centralized location.




Inventory and Item Management

With the item builder interface editing a menu or adjusting item management is a breeze. SoftTouch does not expect everyone to be a database engineer so they developed this interface with simplicity in mind.


Process Credit Cards Inside SoftTouch

Credit card sales are easier when your POS system has built-in credit card support. When you process credit cards in SoftTouch, every computer on your network can be a credit card terminal. You can process credit cards with your current processor or with Mercury Payment systems.

SoftTouch offers these advantages when you process with Mercury Payment Systems:

  • Software for processing with Mercury Payment Systems is included at no charge
  • Mercury's fees can be very competitive, in many cases offering merchants substantial savings over their current processor
  • Delivery restaurants can use two merchant accounts with Mercury (one for dine-in or carry-out when a card is present, and a separate account for delivery telephone orders) to save on processing and discount fees
  • Rapid merchant approval
  • Easier end-to-end technical support services from both the SoftTouch and Mercury Payment Systems technical support groups


Barcode Scanning and Paging

For when things get really busy we offer barcode scanning for checks and customized pager alerts. Why should your servers have to keep checking the kitchen for orders with barcodes and paging once the food is prepared the kitchen staff just has to scan the ticket and an alert is sent to the server’s pager letting them know that their food is ready. The paging system also offers many other features for example; to be notified of a check request or if a manager needs to get hold of them for anything there just a click away.



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