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Point of Success

Point of Success software can help any restaurant run more efficiently, especially if your restaurant takes delivery and pick-up orders.  The caller ID and driver dispatching features quickly identify your customers and accurately get their orders out the door. No matter if you have 1 driver or 20, Point of success will eliminate confusion, reduce mistakes and speed up service.

Here are some functions that make Point of Success the software choice for many restaurants:

Caller ID

Point of Success Caller ID is a combination of hardware and software that work together to deliver caller ID information from your phone lines to your Point of Success order entry software. Incoming calls display on each order entry computer to identify the calling customer, speeding the entry of customer information.


Touchscreen Order Entry and Preparation

Touch screen computer displays are more affordable than ever. Touching a few buttons on the order entry screen is the fastest and most natural way to enter an order.


Pizza Ordering

Point of Success includes special features that work well in pizzerias. Some of the challenges of pizza ordering include: 

  • Partial pie toppings
  • On-the-fly size changes
  • Complex pricing (most expensive half, variable partial pie topping charges)
  • Displaying included toppings and omitting selected toppings from specialty pizzas

Because of these differences, it is rare that a general-purpose restaurant POS system can handle pizza ordering. Point of Success addresses pizza ordering with its one screen pizza ordering window, also called a super button.


Print Preparation Tickets or Use the Kitchen Monitor

Point of Success prints easy-to-read preparation tickets. Tickets can be printed on a shared receipt printer or on a separate printer in the kitchen or bar. An included kitchen monitor feature can move your restaurant closer to a paperless operation


Driver Dispatching

Point of Success tracks every order from start to finish. Orders flagged for delivery are displayed on the Delivery Dispatch screen in the order entered or the order promised. Every order in the delivery queue is displayed from the moment it's entered, making it easier to assign orders efficiently. The oldest waiting order in the system is always at the top of the list for rapid dispatch.


Mapping for Pizza Delivery

Get all the information necessary to make an efficient delivery run. A mapped location includes a visual map and turn-by-turn driving directions. If multiple stops are planned for a delivery, each stop on the route will be optimized to minimize distance and time.


Process Credit Cards Inside Point of Success

Credit card sales are easier when your POS system has built-in credit card support. When you process credit cards in Point of Success, every computer on your network can be a credit card terminal. You can process credit cards with your current processor or with Mercury Payment systems.

Point of Success offers these advantages when you process with Mercury Payment Systems:

  • Software for processing with Mercury Payment Systems is included at no charge
  • Mercury's fees can be very competitive, in many cases offering merchants substantial savings over their current processor
  • Delivery restaurants can use two merchant accounts with Mercury (one for dine-in or carry-out when a card is present, and a separate account for delivery telephone orders) to save on processing and discount fees
  • Rapid merchant approval
  • Easier end-to-end technical support services from both the Point of Success a nd Mercury Payment Systems technical support groups


Security and Theft Prevention

Every user in Point of Success is assigned to a security group. Important settings like price changes, removing an item from an order that has been sent to the kitchen, order voiding and many other functions are all protected by security. If a staff member doesn't have permission to use a function, a manager can override the security setting to allow it to be used once.


Restaurant Business Management Reporting

Point of Success offers well over seventy reports to support every aspect of a restaurant's business operations. Every report is designed to help you get the most out of the information you accumulate every day you use Point of Success.

Sample reports are presented in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view these sample reports.

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have trouble loading the reports.

Flash Report - Month to Date  A one or two page report with all your restaurant's critical financial operating information in one place. Print this report frequently.

Gross Profit Prior Month  Analyze the profitability of items sold.

Accountant Summary  Summarizes sales by product category for a specified time period. Use this report for information to prepare financial reports.

Marketing and Advertising Analysis  Track where your new customers are coming from and stop spending money on ineffective advertising.

Repeat Customer Analysis  Understanding  customer buying habits can help to more effectively target promotions. This report groups customers into categories by number of visits with total spending.

New Customer List  Identify new customers for relationship building and research purposes.

Hourly Sales by Day of Week  Improve employee scheduling accuracy and supply forecasting when you know hourly customer demand.

Promised delivery time Analysis  Promises kept make happy customers. Use this report to determine the frequency of on-time food deliveries and to contact customers with late deliveries before they complain or stop ordering altogether.


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