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Our surveillance systems are not only built on some of the most reliable platforms in the industry but are professionally installed with one thought in mind; would we want this in our establishment. We offer Infrared cameras for viewing at night, full color cameras, high resolution cameras for a crystal clear image, dual function systems that will switch with light intensity, and license plate cameras that will pick up a clear image regardless of environmental conditions.

Here are some attributes that make our surveillance systems the choice for many restaurants:

Outdoor Vandal Proof

Our outdoor vandal proof cameras go beyond that of the standard metallic shielding and tempered glass. Our cameras that we use for situations that call for vandalism protection also have an IP55 rating which means they also stop mother nature in her tracks.



P.T.Z. (Pan Tilt Zoom)

Pan tilt zoom or P.T.Z. camera solutions are great for covering a large aria with few cameras. They can be set up on a steady pattern of movement, controlled remotely or set off by motion. 


Discreet Indoor Cameras

Depending on the needs of customers and the design of a restaurant we have several styles of cameras to meet your needs both on a security level and a astatically pleasing one whether it is matching the decor or just 100% invisibility.


D.V.R. Systems

Depending on what you are looking for in a security solution we can tailor a D.V.R. to meet your needs with just a dedicated PC or rack mounted servers we can design a system around your budget to meet your needs.

User Interface

We will be the first to admit that you should have professionals like us install your security system however we don't believe that you have to be a security professional in order to use our systems. With a very user friendly interface our security solutions provide high end performance with out a confusing interface.

Remote Connect

Remote connection to your restaurant is another key feature we can provide. With remote connect you can be anywhere and login to keep an eye on your assets via a PC with broadband or just a PDA/Smart Phone.



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